Services - Warehousing


We arrange secure and economical warehousing keeping in view our association with multi-national and national companies.

Hujjar’s warehousing and distribution capabilities include full-service management backed by road, air and ocean freight forwarding products.Our sourcing facilities are located for ease of reach and equipment access. With flexibility in facility size and type, we are able to select an existing site or set up what you need for optimal proximity.

We manage end-to-end inventory planning and replenishment tailored to your requirements. Taking complete responsibility for your inventory, we find the efficiencies that eliminates unnecessary stock holding and subsequently decreases logistics cost.We manage the materials and products necessary to keep your business running smoothly.

As a contractor we promise to take care of all supply chain management, to make your shipments travel safe, fast and on time.

Other services

tailored logistics services


Hujjar offers its clients a variety of multimodal transport solutions via air, ocean and overland.


Managing complex transportation for large projects.


Primary business of the enterprise offering whole array of services with complete consultation and acknowledgment'